Liners and Optional Features

Liner Replacements

All prices include:

  • 1/8” foam interliner
  • New faceplates and gaskets
  • Minor repairs to the pool floor

Offering Loop-Loc® Brand Liners. All Loop-Loc® liners are made from the highest quality virgin vinyl in durable 20 and 28 mil.

Optional Features

  • Swimouts, sun shelves, and steps – These features can change the shape of a pool. They offer great spots for family to relax and enjoy the sun. Our Royal-crete swimouts, sun shelves, and steps are built from solid concrete for maximum durability.
  • Patios – All pools need a patio or deck to be complete. We offer a wide variety to fit every budget and design. Choose from stamped concrete, broom finish concrete, and pavers.
  • Coping – Choose from a concrete poured coping, a paver coping, or a cantilever coping.
  • We provide creative personal touches.
  • Other options – Waterfalls, slides, diving boards, deck jets, negative edge pools, and more
Pool liner

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